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"In 2003 Rock music celebrated its 50th anniversary. That day happened in 1953 when Bill Hayley wrote and performed the first Rock'n'Roll Crazy Man Crazy. In 2005 we celebrated 40th anniversary of the first russian Rock'n'Roll song "Solntse nad nami" (Sun above Us) of the legendary Moscow band "Sokol". And from that moment history of the Rock music in USSR has begun.

The 1st film: "60's: He Said "Let's Go!"

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About the film:

"Rock-Rocket" is a serial about the history of the countrys Rock music. The film contains a unique chronicle of different periods and a great number of foreign and domestic hits.

The film portrays youth fashion, popular culture of each period and is maximally saturated with the spirit of the times. Why is the history of Rock music so interesting nowdays? That is because the true history of the past is hidden in the rhythms of Rock. Rock music has been existing for the past 50 years and has become an essential part of the new generations life.

This film is not a memorial of the past, it is a door to the future.

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Director: S.Sulimenko
Screenplay - V.Marochkin
© Production company "Theorema Production". Moscow 2004
tel.: (495) 225-3024 (multichannel).

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